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Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath London
gay venue Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Heath (West), London
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Reviews: 11 2 Star Rating: Recommended
Updated: 19 May 2013

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This has been the busiest & most popular Gay Cruising ground in London, if not the world. It is located just up the hill from Hampstead Tube Station on the Edgware Branch of the Northern Line. The Main entrance onto the Gay West
Heath is from behind the appartments 'Jack Straws Castle'. Very handy if you can't find it because you just have to ask for the Pub.

Everyone knows it. It is also the Safest Cruising Ground I know. The Police know what goes on there and are happy to steer clear if we Guys don't annoy the locals too much. The locals also know it and don't venture on there after dark.

They walk their dogs there during the day, so try not to upset any of them if you are there too. If they see you, most will just ignore you and go on about their business. Apart from the Cruising, the whole of the Heath is very beautiful. Please try not to upset this delicate balance, or we might loose the most wonderful place in London !!!

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1 out of 5 31 Jul 2013
looking for some fun if your intrested

1 out of 5 21 Jul 2013
where should i go to get some action? dont want to be wondering around for ages, anyone been recently?? need to know asap

1 out of 5 19 Jul 2013
No longer what is used to be. Was there between 11pm and 2 am and not many people about : mostly older gays and a few weirdos too.

4 out of 5 10 Feb 2013
find best times are in the evening sunday nights seems to the best nights for it, hopefully it gets better as the weather warms up

1 out of 5 09 Feb 2013
does anyone still go there now a days.. what is the best time to go there and on which day./??

4 out of 5 05 Aug 2012
West Heath is still one of the best cruising grounds in London but that don't mean its a guaranteed score. Lots of guys of all ages mainly walking up and down the M1 (main pathway) as I call it. Action can take place anywhere. Have scored with so many great guys here over the years. Always worth a visit, and probably still the safest area to cruise also. Best time is dusk til dawn.

1 out of 5 01 Aug 2011
Have been to Hampstead Heath a couple of times this summer of 2011, always on a very warm night. Very disappointing! It's VERY dark, the guys are just plain weird and pervy. I did not see anyone hot. Quite mature audience. Beware of going far into the woods if your sense of direction is as bad as mine. It's huge, but there's really only one cruising area. Guys are mostly into anal/fucking. I was expecting this to be much better. Blackheath dips/Vanbrugh Hill has much sexier guys. I'll admit that the Heath is more tucked away and safe, while Blackheath Dips are more exposed.

3 out of 5 05 Aug 2007
Whent couldnt find way, anyone know where to go in the heath for action, directions add me greggain@hotmail.com thnx

4 out of 5 24 Jul 2007
Very crowded place! Lots of action.

5 out of 5 19 Jul 2007
there are so many bushes to explore with guys popping up all over the place, always a friendly place.

2 out of 5 14 Nov 2006
internet has taken over and the Heath,on the occasions i've visited it recently isn't what it used to be....where are all the cute/horny oriental guys for instance? alas,this beautiful setting is completely abused by the people of my own sexual orientation.All the litter is a disgrace and probably kills hundreds of wildlife [ingesting and being strangled by condoms]each year.

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